The Surfrider Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

Focus. Scale. Learn. Share. Protect. Enjoy.

Globally, Surfrider is involved in a variety of campaigns and programs aimed at protecting our coastal ecosystems, based on the parameters outlined in our mission statement. Our campaigns and programs are developed to support our strategic goals/initiatives: Clean Water, Beach Access, Beach Preservation, and Protecting Special Places. The Surfrider Foundation chapter network works on a diverse set of coastal problems ranging from water quality, to single-use plastics in our marine environment, to shoreline armoring and the protection of surfing areas. However, the common thread is that all of these efforts are direct action organizing campaigns, in other words volunteer driven.

The organization was started in 1984, by a group of visionary surfers from Malibu, California. Today, the organization maintains over 60,000 members and 100 chapters worldwide. Surfrider Foundation chapters and international affiliates are now established throughout the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada. Our global headquarters is now based in San Clemente, California. Meet the headquarters staff, board, and advisory board, and  get engaged with your local Wisconsin officers here.

Why a Wisconsin Great Lakes Surfrider Foundation Chapter?

To leverage the popularity of surfing and use the reputation of Surfrider Foundation as a platform to inspire environmental ethics towards our waterways. There are actually a good number of people in Wisconsin who surf, whether on Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, or other Wisconsin waterways (rivers/inland lakes) who believe in the mission of the Surfrider Foundation. Some might even call Sheboygan the world’s fresh water surfing capitol! Our region boasts many surfers, sailboarders, wakeboarders, kiteboarders, kayakers, Stand Up Paddleboarders, and watermen and waterwomen who support the Surfrider Foundation vision and want to contribute to preserving our water resources here in Wisconsin. Surfrider serves as a great vehicle for individuals looking to take action and has the resources to empower those individuals.

Become a member today, become an officer, and help us add to our current goals. More of our chapter details can be found below, and the people who make sure all our goals and aspirations are being met. Contact us if you are interesting in contributing to a powerful team.